Measures to increase the residential rehabilitation activity

The Spanish Royal Decree-Law 19/2021, October 5th, about urgent measures to increase the building rehabilitation activity in the context of the newest recovery, transformation and resilience plan (Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia, in the Spanish Official Gazette, November 6th of 2021), introduces three new temporary deductions in the IRPF (Spain’s Personal Income Tax) for … Leer más


From the 1st of January, with the actual leaving of the UK from the EU, UK residents will have the right to apply for the refund of certain goods bought in the EU. This measure does not apply to Northern Ireland, where the EU vat law is still applicable. The goods must not constitute a … Leer más

Updated grants for bars and restaurants

For the English-language version, please scroll down. New grants for bars and restaurants are now available under the name LÍNEA HIBERNACIÓN HOSTELERÍA. Those companies and sole traders that have already applied for the grants known as REACTIVA TURISMO HOSTELERÍA back in October 2020, will not have to file a new application. The new filing term … Leer más

Coronavirus: Government measures

The Council of Ministers has approved a wide and diverse package of measures to combat the crisis triggered by the coronavirus. The most notable measures to support companies, self-employed people and working people are showed for you below. Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE). The Government encourages the suspension of contracts and the reduction of working … Leer más

Coronavirus: Spain in state of alarm

Since last Thursday, March 12th, when the indefinite suspension of lessons was announced, the events and measures caused by the coronavirus are constantly increasing, confronting companies and businesses to a complex and unknown reality. Unfortunately, the governmental measures in the labor-social and tax-fiscal field are so far notoriously scarce. Therefore, the access of the legal … Leer más

What does the Spanish Tax Office know about your bank accounts?

What information does the Tax Office have from my bank accounts? Spanish banks are liable to provide the Spanish Tax Office with the following information:   Any transaction with 500-Euros notes. Any transaction over 10,000 Euros. Cash transaction over 3,000 Euros. Loans for over 6,000 Euros.   On the one hand, the Tax Office might … Leer más