Although Services & Solutions has several partners, in order to provide legal and tax advice to our clients in the most efficient way, if you have ever worked with our firm or if you work with us in the future, and we are that lucky to have you as client, you will very soon meet…

Francisco Serra

Known as Paco by friends and clients, has been the face of Services & Solutions since 2004, when the firm was set up. Backed up by the rest of the partners, he has dealt with the interests of their clients since then. Francisco has worked in the areas of taxation, administrative procedure and Social Security. He is also an assistant professor at The University of Murcia.

Ramón Pérez-Milá Leal

Started working for Services & Solutions back in 2013, also in charge of offering clients personal attention, and dealing with tax matters. Ramón has a degree in Business Administration from The University of Murcia and a Master’s degree in Finance. Ramón has extensively worked in tax returns, tax appeals and Non-Resident Taxes.

Juan José García Gómez

Juanjo has a degree in translation, and he is one of our experts in legal translation, giving support to the rest of the team. Juanjo was Paco’s student at university, and he has gone from being a student to becoming a member of the team.

Sara López Carrasco

Sara has an extensive experience of more than 18 years dealing with taxation, accountancy and conveyacing. We are so proud of having Sara in our team.

Together with the partners, a team of admin assistants will be at your service as well.

Our Services

The law makes no difference. It does not matter that you are the partner in a firm with a millionaire turnover, you own a humble family business, or you are just a retired person living in Southern Spain. You need the best support for your legal and tax matters.