Current Spanish-government regulations in case of a no-deal Brexit scenario

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April 2021

UK citizens: business as usual (almost) when buying a property in Spain.

Question: I am a British citizen, can I still buy a holiday home in Spain?

Many clients and friends have expressed their concerns about buying a property in Spain for holiday making after Brexit. We are really glad to put their minds at ease. In this scenario, nothing has really changed.

All the legal guarantees for British citizens are still in place to safeguard their economic interests or property in Spain. There are just subtle differences as having to produce a copy of all the pages of their passport or checking if the so-called military certificate is required in case the property they want to buy is in a certain area.

However, in the Region of Murcia, 95% of properties will not require the military certificate.

Therefore, if you want to buy a property in Spain as a holiday home, it is business as usual.

Question: so, what is all the fuss about if nothing has changed?

The only difference between the situation of UK citizens before and after Brexit is the time they can spend in Spain: a UK citizen can only spend 90 days every six months in Spain.

In the case of our holiday-making clients, it was very unusual that they spend longer in Spain, so the scenario is the same.

In the case of those UK citizens who want to spend longer periods in Spain, they must consider that if they spend longer than 183 days in a calendar year they will become tax residents in Spain. This measure has always been in place and sometimes our friends and clients did not really want to become tax residents in Spain.

However, if you still want to buy a property to live in Spain on a permanent basis, there are several resident permits UK citizens can apply for and in our experience, they match the needs of most residents.

Many of our clients come to live in Spain on a permanent basis and they want to work as self-employed. There is one residence permit that perfectly matches this scenario.

On the other hand, some of our clients want to get retired and come to live in Spain, in this sense, there is the so-called non-lucrative residence permit, which requires a certain monthly income.

We will be more than happy to assist you in the best possible way to find the legal solution to your stay in Spain.

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