Grants from the Region of Murcia development office to maintain business activity

In the following days, we are waiting for the official enactment of the grants from the Region of Murcia Development Office in order to provide sole traders and companies with cash flow. In order to apply for the grants, it is not necessary to be up to date with tax or Social Security payments and these are the figures of the grants:

Average staff in 2019 Amount
Up to 10 employees 10.000 Euros
From 11 to 20 employees 12.500 Euros
More than 20 employees 15.000 Euros

It is compulsory that the sole trader or the company had been registered before the 14th of March.

The company or sole trader must have working premises in the Region of Murcia and there must a legal and economic report drawn up to describe how the current crisis has affected the business. From 347 Asesores, and its departments (accountancy, payroll and Services & Solutions), we are already working in these reports.

The applicants will have to display information about having received the grant, in the premises and in the website of the business. We are gathering information regarding the features of the information that must be displayed.

On the other hand, it is of the utmost importance that the applicants provide us with a bank certificate showing the name of the sole trader or the name of the company, and the bank account number to receive the grants.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest regards.

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