How is IBI Tax calculated?

It is the town council which sets how much IBI tax is paid. The official tax value of the property or cadastral value, which is based on the value of the plot of land where the property is together with the value of the building itself, is taken into account together with an applied rate … Leer más

New measures against Tax fraud.

New measures against Tax fraud. The Spanish Tax Office (AEAT) has announced the new lines of investigation in order to avoid tax fraud for 2018. Among them, we would like to point out the following ones: The new system known as CRS (‘Common Reporting Standard’) will allow the Spanish Tax Office to have information about bank accounts … Leer más

New Tax Deductions in Inheritance Tax

The Region of Murcia 2018 Budget Law (Law 7/2017 passed on 21st December 2017) sets new tax benefits on Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax, and at the same time, some other benefits have disappeared. The following tax deductions are also applied to Non-Residents, as long as they are fiscal residents of a European Union Country, which leaves UK … Leer más

What does ‘Residence’ mean?

There is a great deal of confusion regarding what ‘residence’ is, and actually we can write about several kinds of ‘residence’. The first type of ‘residence’ you need to be familiar with is what we are going to define as ‘residence for civil purposes’. It is the fact of living in Spain on a permanent … Leer más

Inheritance Law in Spain

Many people are concerned about Inheritance Tax in Spain. There are many ways of trying to put it down, some of them not very legal, but there are some ways of reducing this tax and accomplish Spanish Law. The law which must be followed in order to draw up a will in Spain is the … Leer más